Our Prevention policy for COVID-19

Latest update (July 6, 2020)

Since the average fulfillment estimate for all-over print products is speeding up globally, we've enabled the entire all-over print category worldwide. This means you're now able to add new all-over print products to your store through our Product Push Generator.

New DTG and embroidery products are not yet available in the Product Push Generator for customers located in the US and Canada, but the average fulfillment estimates for these two categories in the US are also improving. We estimate that you'll be able to add new embroidery products to your store again at the end of July, but DTG products could be available from the middle of August. Make sure to check in for updates!

The products already live on your store aren't affected, and we're still accepting incoming orders in all categories.

Here are 6 things we strongly encourage you to do:

    Explore the non-apparel category—some products are fulfilled in 2–5 business days

    Target the European market—fulfillment is up to speed

    Put a temporary pause on adding new designs or products with slow fulfillment

    Review our Covid-19 blog post on tips for speaking to customers about delays (templates included!)

    Keep checking in with our latest updates and fulfillment estimates

Customer Support emails still take 2–4 days, and our chat is available during US business hours on Mon–Fri. To keep your store running as smoothly as possible, please make sure to regularly check in with the latest fulfillment estimates published below.

We'll continue posting updates as they come. Thank you for your patience and for reading.

Remember to take care of your own health. Check the guidelines and current updates from the World Health Organization and Center of Disease and Control Prevention for staying safe during the pandemic.